Ebenezer Church of God of Prophecy was founded in December 1997 by four families who had a yearning for a holy spirit-led church. Pastor Germain Mesidort, Evangelist Dorsaint Meseret, Evangelist Jean Claude Michel, and Evangelist Ricot Germelus and their immediate families all came together to form the church. In January 1998, the church began to look for a more suitable place to worship, a place that could better accommodate our worship schedule.

The church was able to find a location on Corlies Avenue in Neptune, NJ. It was a building owned by a Seventh Day Adventist Church so it was available to use on Sundays.

On January 25, 1998 Bishop John, Bishop Rogers, Pastor Oral, and other pastors from the community came to the official inauguration service to appoint Pastor Germain Mesidort as the Senior Pastor, with the support of Evangelist Dorsaint Messeret, Evangelist Jean Claude Michell, and Evangelist Rico Germelus. Two members of the church were also appointed for the committee, Brother Lucien Raisin, treasurer and Sister Madeleine Dorsaint, secretary.

The Church’s membership grew steadily and after a few years the membership of the church grew to over 100 members. After some years of sharing a building with the Seventh Day Adventist church, we were asked to move to another location. After some time looking, the church relocated to the Fire House Banquet Hall in Bradley Beach, NJ.

In 2009, the church was able to purchase a piece of land (82,778 square feet) in Neptune, NJ. A year later the church also purchased a small house located next to the land that was for sell, this is also the time we became known as Maranatha Church of God of Prophecy. We were unable to build a worship center on the land due to the cost of the original estimates and plan drawn up by architects.
We spent a considerable amount of time and money looking for an existing church building to purchase but decided to refocus our efforts back to building on the land that God has given us.

The board of trustees once again hired a group of professionals to come back to the drawing board to work on a plan that would be cost-effective yet able accommodating to the size and needs of our church. In August of 2016, the plan was approved by the township zoning board to build an 8,000-square foot church that can hold 350 members.

In the 19 years of our existence, we have accomplished many things in our community. We believe in giving and helping people in need. Here are some of the programs we have participated in thus far. We have paid the way for 21 orphans in Haiti to go through school. We have traveled to Haiti on missionary trips where we have helped financially and spiritually. We participated in the rebuilding of Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.

In 2013, the name of the church was changed to Ebenezer Church of God of Prophecy. We are a non-profit organization with a 501(c3), if you would like to help contribute in the construction of our new church, please do not hesitate to donate any amount you may wish. Your contribution may be tax deductible to the extend of the law. Please see your tax advisor for more details.