My childhood started in Fond-des-Negres, Haiti, I attended elementary school at the National School of Fond-Des-Negres, my High School at the Paul VI of Diquini and my College years at the Anthenor Firmin college of Port-au-Prince.  I became a born-again Christian in August 31, 1981 at the Church of God of Prophecy at Bicentenaire in Port-au-Prince under the leadership of bishop Jean Eliet Vital Herne where he taught me all the biblical principles of the word of God.  We became the very best of friend until he passed.

In June 24, 1988 I moved to Saint Maarteen Netherlands Antilles and shortly after I arrived, I attended the Church of God of Prophecy.  With my prior experience in the church affairs, I began to work closely with Senior Pastor, Paul Chery, as the church Secretary and treasury and also attended many Biblical Institutions to further my knowledge on the word of God.  I also became a superintendent of the Sunday school, a community executive and a Preacher where I preached in various Haitian Churches across the Island.  In the same year of 1988, I met Pastor Jean Claude in the same church as he himself also became Superintendent of Sunday school and we began to work together to further advance the word of God.

In October 1993, I moved to New Jersey to join Pastor Jean Claude Michel who left the island before me, and the first thing I asked him if there was any Church of God of Prophecy in the Area, he responded that there was an English one and a very small Haitian church.  I started to visit the Haitian church and began to preach there from time to time but never affiliated with any of them yet, instead I joined Pastor Jean Claude Michel, Pastor Germain Mesidort and Evangelist Ricot in their local community church but I vowed and told Pastor Jean Claude that there would be a Church of God in the community someday.

After a period of time has passed, the day before I get married, there was a man of God from Haiti, Pastor Joanis Jure who came to pray for me and my wife.  While kneeling down, he laid his hands on us and after finished praying, he told us that God had shown him of a large green pasture and that I would be the laborer and that God has a job for me to do.   A year later, I went to preach to another church by Pastor Honore Julien, it was at that time that he announced the closure of the small Church of God of Prophecy indefinitely.  It was at that time that everything Pastor Joanis had told me that God had revealed to him was coming to light.  I went home to my wife and we started to discuss the possibility.

Later that week, I started making calls to my former Pastor, Paul, in Albany NY and to Bishop Edward Jones to discuss the possibility of opening up The Church of God of Prophecy in the community.   After everything has arranged and authorized by the Church of God head quarter, Bishop Edward put me in touch with Pastor Oral Daws to discuss the possibility to begin the service in his church.  On the Saturday November 29, 1997, I invited my 3 colleagues, Pastor Jean Claude, Pastor Germain and Evangelist Ricot to my living room and ask them to join me in this endeavor.   The first meeting of the Ebenezer Church of God of Prophecy began in my house under my leadership with total of 6 people, my wife and I, Ludwigka and the three individuals I mentioned.

On December 17, 1997 at 7am the first public service began in Bangs Ave. at the Church of God of Prophecy with 21 people.  Then later we met with Bishop Jones and we presented him Pastor Germain as the lead Pastor in association with Pastor Dorsaint, Pastor Jean Claude and Evangelist Ricot to lead the Ebenezer Church of God of prophecy.   On January 4, 1998, the church was inaugurated officially at 5Pm at 1144 Corlies Ave, Neptune NJ with Pastor Germain as senior Pastor, Pastor Dorsaint, Pastor Jean-Claude and Evangelist Ricot as staff Pastors.   Also, Madeleine Dorsaint as Secretary and Lucien Raisin as treasurer.  Since then, we have been working together for the advancement of the kingdom of God and the church has grown exponentially.  To God be the Glory.